joi, 29 septembrie 2016

About "3, 2, 1... ACTION!" ERASMUS+ project

 This project is directed towards 10-12 years old students and encourages them to present their school experience in a dramatic ambient and use drama as a tool for enhancing a significant and emotional learning experience. As three of the participant schools have students with special educational needs, this project will allow teachers and students to create and adjust their learning environment in order to meet the needs of those special students, and also to strengthen the emotional part and cohesion of the group, breaking the nationality or social barriers.

By working at a transnational level we are maximizing the European conscience of our students and teachers, who will be able to experience the culture and traditions of the partner countries. By participating in all sorts of activities, our students have the chance to discover a multi-cultural Europe, and become more tolerant and open and develop their communicative and interaction abilities.