On 14th of April our school celebrates the 90th anniversary of the Foundation of the school . All the educational school community have organized different activities: language games contest with other schools, the visit of former students, discovering how our school was like in the past through students or teachers...

We have learnt so much about our school these days!!!


Bulgaria is famous for its wonderful folk music and dances. Bulgarian folk music is known for its asymmetrical rhythms (defined by the famous Hungarian composer and ethnomusicologist Béla Bartók as "Bulgarian rhythms"), where meter is not split in even beats, but in combinations of short (2 metric units) and long (3 metric units) beats, corresponding to the dancers' short and long steps.

Filip Sinapov - a young talented student from The Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts in Plovdiv visited our school. He told the students about his songs, the awards he has won and about his plans. He sang some songs from  the Rhodopes region and taught our students how to sing them.


Dance School

Our students from 9th classes went to the dance school. At the end of April they had the last lesson with parents and teachers. This night was special for our students and their families.  Everybody enjoyed the evening. 


XXVIII Olympics of mathematical language games

Also this year the students of the "Biagio Siciliano" Secondary School attended the XXVIII Olympics of mathematical language games organized by Gioiamathesis, an association that, since 1990, has been promoting mathematics through the organization of competitions.

In April 2018 the students of our Institute, who had passed the stage of the semifinals, prepared themselves, through various questions of logic, for the final that took place in Palermo on the 5th of May.

Here are some photos:


On the 1st of April we celebrate the International Day of Birds. Our students made sure the bird feeders in our school yard were always full, especially during the winter holidays, and also made projects and crafts.


On the 12th of April students from Primary schools and parents took part in Polish spelling competition. Our school organizes the competition every year. The main aim is popularization of Polish language. We also want to encourage everyone to use Polish language in a proper way. We invited a special guest Mr. Kornel Morawiecki who read the text.

In April, Polish Territorial Defence Force visited our school. The students found out what they do and  they took a ride in a military vehicle.

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