Our 6th year students went to Barcelona to perform a cantata at the Auditorium. There students from all around Catalonia gathered together and sang a "cantata" called  “PARTICLES”.
It was amazing to see all them singing. Moreover, they walked around the city and discovered Barcelona a little bit more. Definitely, it was an unforgettable day!


We had a sport’s day at school. Some of the students went to the nearest mountain – Vitosha.

The others stayed at school and did sports in the yard. 


100 years of Republic!

In this year we celebrate 100 years of Czechoslovakia republic. In our school there are projects and our students are learning about this topic. We have a special classroom in our school. There there are historical objects and things from our students and their grandparents. 


Legality week
21st May - 25th May

       From 21st May to 25th May  our Institute commemorated Giovanni Falcone, Francesca Morvillo, Rocco Dicillo, Antonio Montinaro, Vito Schifani,  brutally killed in the mafia attack of 23rd  May 1992. In memory of that tragic event, our school organized the " Legality week".
All the students have been involved in commemorative programme through a series of performances which  took place in the Auditorium, at the Garden of Memory, in some classrooms, used as laboratories, outside our Institute.

Here are some photos:


We celebrated Water Day with a series of very interesting experiments!


In May our students visited the Police Station in Siedlce. They saw the range and found out about what a Police Officer does at work. The pupils also admired the Police dog and the special Police equipment to investigate a crime. It was a really interesting day.

In May our students planted some vegetables in the school garden. They looked after the plants and watered them. It was a great idea and our pupils really enjoyed growing the vegetables. 

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