3rd year students have been working on a science project . They have studied the planets and the Universe. Last week they performed a play called “We are the Universe”. Through the theater our students explained all contents learnt to their parents. Parents and students enjoyed a lot!


Our school is an Authorised Cambridge English Exam Preparation Centre and Cambridge English exams are held here. It is the only state school in Bulgaria that prepares children for these exams. On June 4th our students proved their skills to the world for the second year.

June 15th is the end of the school year in our school. On this day the seventh graders pass on the school flag to some younger ones. The ceremony is a very special one. 
On this day the seventh graders are given their diplomas and the other students say them “Good bye” and wish them good luck as this is their last year at our school. 

We announced the winners of the traditional for our school language competition. They were rewarded with certificates and books in English. The best ones were given medals. 


Children's Day on the  1st of  June

Older students prepared for smaller funny day. It was an amazing weather, it was sunny and hot. We were in the school garden and the students played a lot of games. After funny work and play we had a sweet prize and cherries from our cherry tree.


Awarding of the “Giochiadi” and Maths competitions

8th June

On 8th of  June 2018, at the Gym of our Institute, have been rewarded both the winning classes of the "Giochiadi" and the 12 students of our school who were winners at the final of  the  XXVIII Olympics of mathematical language games organized by Gioiamathesis, an association that promotes mathematics through the organization of competitions.

Here are some photos:


In June our students made a trip to one of Romania's most famous salt mines - Salina Slanic Prahova. We visited the mine, admired the salt statues and a small waterfall, the ancient mining equipment and played games in the mine's sports field.

We also had a partnership project with AIESEC, and two Chinese students from Hong Kong and Macau taught us about Chinese culture and traditions.


In June we took part in the Running Race with our Primary School number 4. After that, we participated in the Family Festival. There were a lot of great activities for everyone. Our students  prepared fresh and healthy snacks with their parents  and had a picnic behind the school. They sat on the green grass and had a great fun.

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