About "3, 2, 1... ACTION!" ERASMUS+ project

About "3, 2, 1... ACTION!" ERASMUS+ project

 This project is directed towards 10-12 years old students and encourages them to present their school experience in a dramatic ambient and use drama as a tool for enhancing a significant and emotional learning experience. As three of the participant schools have students with special educational needs, this project will allow teachers and students to create and adjust their learning environment in order to meet the needs of those special students, and also to strengthen the emotional part and cohesion of the group, breaking the nationality or social barriers.

By working at a transnational level we are maximizing the European conscience of our students and teachers, who will be able to experience the culture and traditions of the partner countries. By participating in all sorts of activities, our students have the chance to discover a multi-cultural Europe, and become more tolerant and open and develop their communicative and interaction abilities.

The main objectives of this project are:

  • the improvement of the students' and teachers' abilities to communicate in English, by implementing a new methodology of learning English through drama and thus obtaining a more motivating and significant learning experience;
  • favor integration, promote equality and group cohesion between students and break social, economical or cultural barriers. All the activities of the project, and most especially the two theater plays, are based on team work, and aim to develop students' empathy by helping each other unconditionally and to boost their self-confidence.
  • motivate teachers to use cooperative learning. During each mobility there will be a workshop led by each host school's own teachers, in which there will be discussions about theater, emotions, music and the e-twinning platform. 
  • encourage our students' creativity and their ability of self-improvement. Students will learn that their efforts and team work will enable them to stage the two plays. On the other hand, theater is a great source of creativity in itself and allows our students to re-invent themselves.
  • internationalization of education and awareness of the European dimension of the project, which leads to promoting acceptance.
  • express emotions through drama (recognize emotions, acceptance of others, reinforcement of one's self-esteem and the feeling of belonging in a group, overcoming stage fright, etc) - essential for timid students or students with low self-esteem.
  • creating a logo for the project
  • web quests for students to discover more interesting things about their partner countries
  • learning some basic words and phrases in each partner country's language
  • production of a video in which students communicate with their peers from the partner schools (both in English and their native language)
  • producing invitations for the plays
  • the two theater plays
  • songs
  • drawings depicting scenes from the play
  • creation of set pieces for the play
  • making 3 commercials
  • etc.

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