Our school is involved in an E-twinning project called “Sing me a rock song”. We work together with three more schools from Czech Republic, Romania and Catalonia. Our kids are learning English through rock songs. It’s a very motivating way to learn a new language.


Instead of throwing out plastic bottle caps and paper, we donate them.
 All the students and teachers from our school collect them and hand over for recycling, and with money we help people in need.


First shipping

In November we had the fist shipping of this year. It is a meeting our students have with children from kindergarten. Maybe they will go to the our school so we try to know each other and children discover our school. It is a very nice meeting. Children have to do special exercises and they can get some sweet presents. 


The Day of Memory
25th January 2018

           On 25th  of January,  our Institute  commemorated the Day of  Memory. This year, the teachers decided to dedicate this commemorative day to the knowledge and memory of  the Righteous, or of those who, by sacrificing their own life or putting it a risk, they saved men, women and children destinated to a certain death. The event took place in the Auditorium through a series of performances by our students. Extremely moving was the testimony of  Colonell Calogero Casuccio, an Italian  prisoner in Germany after 8th of september, who spoke to the students about the incisive  experiences of his own life during the Second World War.
A flowerbed in our school  was  finally dedicated to the Righteous commemorated. In their memory the students planted colorful plants.


Our students are involved in an e-Twinning project called "DigiCity", whose aim is to promote safety on the internet. Our first activity was malware awareness and how to keep one's identity safe on-line. The result of the activity were some flyers which the students illustrated and handed to other students around the school. 


In January we celebrated carnival and we organised the fancy dress party. Pupils wore funny costumes and their parents prepared snacks. Students danced and took part in traditional games. They had a great time.

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