“The power  and freedom  to be who we want to be”.
 The woman’s glance of Pompeu Fabra school.

8th of March   International women’s  day.  


Every year on 1st of March, Bulgarian people celebrate a centuries-old tradition called the day of Baba Marta (baba means ‘Grandma’ and Marta means ‘March’). This way we welcome the spring.
Martenitsa is made of twined red and white threads – woolen, silk, or cotton.
In our school we preserve Bulgarian traditions and make martenitsi.


Hello Spring!

We are so happy. Sun is shining and nature is waking up. We have a very nice garden in our school and we can spend time here. We are working on our school´s fields. We plant flowers and vegetables.


Project FAI “Apprentices Ciceroni”
24th March 2018

In March, our students  joined the FAI “Apprentices  Ciceroni” project. The FAI days  represent a coveted appointment, a national event of great importance, which aims to accompany the italians to discover the beauty of the places around them. On 24th of March the pupils were protagonists throughout the day (from 9.00 to 17.30) in Palermo at Palazzo Comitini , a building of great historical value, to illustrate its artistic and
architectural heritage.
Here are some photos:


Every year in March Romanians celebrate the "Martisor". 
The legend says that once upon a time an ogre stole the Sun from the sky. The only one brave and strong enough to fight him was a young man. He fought the ogre for a long time, but in the end he managed to defeat him and release the sun from his prison. However, the brave young man didn't get the chance to see the spring coming. His wounds bled on the snow, making snowdrops appear where his blood touched the snow. And since then young men braid two threads: a red one and a white one, and offer them to their loved ones. Red symbolizes love for all beauty and reminds us of the young hero's blood, and white symbolizes purity and the colour of the snowdrops, the heralds of spring. 
Nowadays the "martisor" is meant as a good luck charm which is offered to children, girls and women to protect them and bring them luck. 
Our students made 'martisoare' for our annual spring fair and the money was donated to charity.


Every year on the 17th of March we celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day at our school.  Students wear green clothes and learn about the history of  Saint Patrick’s Day, Irish culture, special food, music and dancing. There are many green shamrocks on the walls and the doors.

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