Every year on 1st of November we celebrate All Saints' Day. For this festivity we cook some special pastries called “Panellets” with almonds , eggs and sugar. 
Mmmmmmm… delicious!!


A team from the Mountain Rescue Service which is an important unit in the Bulgarian Red Cross structure visited our school. Using specially trained dogs the rescuers demonstrated how the dogs can find people in trouble in the mountains.


In memory of Biagio Siciliano and Giuditta Milella
24th November 2017

       Our Institute is entitled to the memory of a young boy from Capaci who was hit to death in 1985, along with  another student, due to an accident by a police car which was escorting a judge involved against the Mafia.
          In memory of that tragic event, this year the teachers decided to dedicate the commemorative day to young lives broken by Mafia through a series of performances such as: drama, reading of poems and texts, graphical and pictorial works, singing performances of voices and guitars. They took place in the Auditorium, in the presence of our headmistress and of the relatives of the two dead students.
Here are some photos


Chess competition

In this year came 61 players. There were students from second to ninth classes and from other schools. One Chess play took 10 minutes. Everybody fought with fury, and they wanted to win. Everybody from  this competition got some presents and the best ones got diplomas.


Halloween Party!

In November our students held a Halloween Costume party. Each class had contests for best costume, best pumpkin pie and best carved pumpkin. The students had a lot of fun, danced, played Halloween games, such as "Apple bobbing", "The ghost waiter", etc.


On the 11th of November we celebrate the most important day in the history of our country. It is the Independence Day.  The date commemorates events from 1918 when Poland regained its independence after 123 years of partitions. Our students reminded us the history of our country. 

In November we celebrated the Kindness Day. Students could take photos together. Pupils wrote some nice words for each other. All students were kind and helpful that day. 

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