It’s Carnival time.  We have received the visit of the King and the Queen of the Carnival in Reus. Kids had a lot of fun with these funny characters.

Fun, laugh, music and dances!!!!!


Lazarovden is celebrated the last Saturday before Easter. Only young girls can take part in the ritual. The ritual is called Lazaruvane and the girls - lazarki
Early in the morning a group of girls gathers to choose their leader and sing a special song for her. Then they go around the village or the neighbourhood, entering each house and singing ritual songs and danсіng wіth wіѕheѕ for health, haрріneѕѕ, a haрру marrіage and manу сhіldren.
The girls carry egg-baskets to collect eggs they would later dye for Easter. People give eggs as a present for their visit.

These are the lazarki from 52 “Tsanko Tzerkovski” school in Sofia, Bulgaria


Ski course

In our school every students from 7th and 5th classes have got ski courses. They spend one week skiing or snowboarding.
We can not go far, because we had snow in our country almost during all winter time. 


Carnival has arrived
11th  12th 13th of February 2018

          This year the Municipality  of Capaci, with the collaboration of our school,  during the Carnival,  organized many activities which involved the teachers and the students.
On the 12th of  February 2018, in the Auditorium, in the presence of our headmistress and of some local authorities, the pupils of the class I A staged a theatre play: “Carnival has arrived”.
Here are some photos:


On the 2nd of February we celebrate Hedgehog's Day! Children worked hard to make projects about hedgehogs and they presented them in front of their schoolmates.


In February we learnt how to give first aid. Pupils also found out how important water is for us. We wore blue clothes that day and brought some bottles of water.

A famous actress visited us in April. She is a judge and she plays in a popular TV programme ‘Anna  Maria Wesołowska’. She warned us how the Internet and drugs can be dangerous.

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