Christmas time is here. Days full of magic moments. In our school we have received a very special visit...... Three Wise Men servants came to school to collect all the children letters full of wishes. 
Look all the happy faces!!!!!


Our students made surovachki,  curled branches of a cornel tree, usually decorated with coins, popcorn, dried fruits, small bagels, ribbons, and threads, although different decorations are used in different regions of Bulgaria. A member of the family, typically the youngest, lightly pats the back of others with a survachka on the morning of New Year's Day. While doing this, he or she recites a short verse wishing their relative well for the New Year.

We decorated the school.

There was a charity bazaar. All the students made something to sell. The money will be used to help two disabled children.


Dacia Maraini meets the students of school “Biagio Siciliano”
15th December 2017

On the 15th of  December 2017,  for  the event “Meeting with the Author” , the students of the third classes of our Institute met Dacia Maraini, italian writer, poet, essayist and playwright.
The meeting took place in the Auditorium, where the writer answered cordially all the questions of the pupils about her work, her books and episodes of her own life.
Here are some photos


The Christmas Eve in the classes

In all of the classes we had a special day. Almost in every class  we celebrated Christmas Eve. We decorated the Christmas tree, we offered the gifts, did the tradition. The older students went to the cinema.
This year it was something really special. Students from 1st grade to 6th grade got together and we sang Christmas carols. It was amazing. 


Romania's National Day - 1st of December

 This year we celebrated our national day with a special event. We organised "Granny Master Chef", an event in which students participated with their grandparents and presented traditional dishes cooked by themselves. Everyone could sample the dishes - traditional cakes, pickles, smoked bacon, stuffed cabbage rolls ("sarmale") and much more! Everything was delicious!
Many students, parents, grandparents and, of course, teachers, celebrated the national day by wearing traditional costumes.


In December our students prepared Christmas dishes, decorations and they sang carols.

Pupils took part in the pottery workshop. They made some bowls and vases. They could develop their creativity and produce an amazing piece of clay art worthy of proud display. It was a great fun.

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