Our 6th and 5th year students attended an autumn camp. The vehicular language was english and all activities carried out were based on drama (role plays, body languages activities...). Our students had a lot of fun while learning English. We will use all drama resources learnt to implement our KA201 3, 2, 1 ACTION project activities. Would you like to see some pictures? Let's take a look!


Our school trip in Bailovo - a village where Elin Pelin (one of our most famous writers) was born.​​


The Ways of Treasures
                                                                                                                                                19th  20th 27th of October 2017
In October, our Institute joined  the initiative "The Ways of  Treasures",  which offered to the students the opportunity to discover and tell the city of Palermo and  its most evocative places.
On the 19 th,  20th and 27th of October,  the students, with the respective teachers, went to the Sicilian capital,  where they attended different artistic itineraries and took part in various workshops.

Here are some photos:


FOR THE 1st grade to 5th grade

In our school was  transport competition. It takes place every year.  Students compete and perform a lot of tasks. They have to know traffic signs, first aid, ride a scooter or bike, traffic rules. Police officer, soldiers and nurses are testing them. The best of them get a reward. It was a really nice day, the weather was perfect!


Infodays ERASMUS+

In October schools from all over Romania celebrated ERASMUS+ projects. In our school we held dissemination activities for all our Erasmus+ projects (3,2,1...Action!, Tradigames around Europe, Europe Plays Music), and we received the visit of officials from the County Inspector's office. Our students had a lot of fun playing games in the school yard, singing songs and watching the play "Cinderella".


Our school is one hundred years old. We celebrated it on the 12th of October. That day was really special. Our students, teachers and parents took part in the play about the book of our patron. We also got Adam Mickiewicz’s bench. He is the patron of our school. The students and teachers prepared some things such as our school uniform, the board game, the lists of all students, the school certificates, the book, the CD with photos and students’ essays. All those things were related to our school. They were put in the time capsule. It will be opened in fifty years.  We are proud of our school and our patron. It was a really important and fascinating event.

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